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Early Warning Conflict Alert
January 2019 | Brief

South Asia: Five Conflicts to Watch in 2019

How 2019 is likely to be, in terms of ongoing conflicts and peace processes in South Asia? Will the region be peaceful in 2019 when compared to 2018?
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Sri Lanka
November 2018 | Brief

Reconvene the Parliament and Respect the Constitution

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Sri Lanka
March 2018 | Analysis

The Anti-Muslim Violence in Sri Lanka

Is there a new fault line emerging in Sri Lanka? One could sense a build up over the last few years. Otherwise, why should a small road incident in Kandy, far away from Colombo should trigger a communal riot across the country? read more
January 2018 | Analysis

South Asia's Conflict Peripheries

Seven reasons on why the region's frontiers remain violent and conflict-prone read more