Conflicts - Pakistan

Early Warning Conflict Alert
January 2019 | Brief

South Asia: Five Conflicts to Watch in 2019

How 2019 is likely to be, in terms of ongoing conflicts and peace processes in South Asia? Will the region be peaceful in 2019 when compared to 2018?
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May 2018 | Analysis

Who is targeting the Hazara? And Why?

Why should Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Punjab based sectarian organization, target the Quetta based Hazara community in Balochistan? Are the attacks against Hazara a part of larger sectarian violence in Pakistan, or specific to Balochistan? What has been the State and Civil Society response to the Hazara violence? read more
Radicalism Project
April 2018 | Analysis

“I am not Malala”: Deciphering the anti-Malala Sentiment in Pakistan

A young girl and Nobel laureate from a remote Swat, seems to bring the best and the worst among the Pakistanis. Why? read more
Gender Violence
January 2018 | Analysis

South Asia's Kasur Problem: Hypocritical Civil Society, Insensitive Investigation, Indifferent Judiciary and a Hard State

A few years ago, gang rape of a young girl in New Delhi stirred the public emotion in the national capital in India. The Delhi incident created a national furore; the victim was taken to Singapore, but could not survive. But, the attack on her pricked the societal conscience. From electronic to social and print media, there was so much of focus during 2012-13. Multiple processions, candlelight prayers and discussions – but the issue died down later in 2013. The society moved on. 

Will Zainab also be forgotten during 2018?

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January 2018 | Analysis

South Asia's Conflict Peripheries

Seven reasons on why the region's frontiers remain violent and conflict-prone read more
Bilateral I Indo-Pak
January 2018 | Analysis

Will the Indo-Pak Relations improve in 2018?

The contemporary history of the bilateral relationship between the two countries has been a series of conflicts and tensions, with few attempts towards a peace process in between. What is the Indo-Pak problematique? Why is the bilateral relation unable to follow a unilinear trajectory? Will it get addressed in 2018? read more