Conflicts - Afghanistan

Early Warning Conflict Alert
January 2019 | Brief

South Asia: Five Conflicts to Watch in 2019

How 2019 is likely to be, in terms of ongoing conflicts and peace processes in South Asia? Will the region be peaceful in 2019 when compared to 2018?
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May 2018 | Brief

Will Pakistan walk the Afghan Talk?

Those who would like to reshape the Afghan policy and willing to walk the Afghan talk within Pakistan do not wield real power, and those who have, do not have the will. read more
Afghanistan I Sectarain
April 2018 | Analysis

The Sectarian Spiral in Afghanistan: Who? And Why?

It is highly unlikely that the foreign fighters of the ISIS, who were fighting in Syria and Iraq decided to shift to Afghanistan and support the local franchisees. Also, there is no evidence to prove that these local groups went to Syria and fought along with their original. Why? read more
October 2017 | Analysis

Joshua and Caitlan: Story of Victims, Rescuers and Perpetrators

How did they survive the captivity with three children, and the loss of another one? They should have been constantly threatened and moved around? According to Joshua, Caitlan was also physically assaulted. Imagine being imprisoned with three children. The wounds are going to take a long time to heal. Hope and pray, it does. No parent deserves this read more
Radicalism Project
October 2017 | Analysis

The Islamic State in South Asia: Why are the State and Society reluctant to acknowledge?

How real is the IS threat? Even if it is notional, and the numbers are minuscule, does the idea of an Islamic State pose a larger threat than its actual presence in South Asia? And why are the State and Society refuse to accept the presence? read more
July 2017 | Analysis

Pashtunwali, Kashmiriyat and Sufi: Are our Social Codes under Stress?

 Our social codes have protected us so far, and have made us unique. It is our turn to secure them and ensure, it continues to keep our future generations sound, social and humane. We need to invest our time and our intellect to analyse what is happening around. We also need to forecast, where we are heading towards. If we realise, our present is going to impinge on our future, then we have to make cold calculations and ask tough questions. read more