Conflicts - Balochistan

May 2018 | Analysis

Who is targeting the Hazara? And Why?

Why should Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Punjab based sectarian organization, target the Quetta based Hazara community in Balochistan? Are the attacks against Hazara a part of larger sectarian violence in Pakistan, or specific to Balochistan? What has been the State and Civil Society response to the Hazara violence? read more
January 2018 | Analysis

South Asia's Conflict Peripheries

Seven reasons on why the region's frontiers remain violent and conflict-prone read more
November 2017 | Analysis

The Slow Burn: One Province and Five Actors

The Establishment has successfully flattened the militant movement with its heavy use of force, with little or no care for human rights. The State is using violence against the Baloch militants as a primary strategy. Given the domestic and external support or the lack of it, Baloch militancy has little future.

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