Conflicts - KP and FATA

January 2018 | Analysis

South Asia's Conflict Peripheries

Seven reasons on why the region's frontiers remain violent and conflict-prone read more
July 2017 | Analysis

Pakistan's Parachinar Problem

While the Sunni militants have been gunning for control in Parachinar, unfortunately, the State – both the military and political establishments pursued an Ostrich approach. Both explained the problem in Parachinar as that of “terrorism” and blamed others. The political establishment, even today lives in a state of ignorance; it is unfortunate, that even today, none from the political leadership has visited Parachinar.  read more
December 2016 | Analysis

Foreign Fighters: Why Pashtuns and Punjabis?

What makes the youths from Punjab and Khyber Paktunkwa (KPK) to travel a long distance to faraway places such as J&K and Afghanistan to wage jihad or fight someone else’s war?

Photo Source: Indian Express

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