Conflicts - J&K

Early Warning Conflict Alert
January 2019 | Brief

South Asia: Five Conflicts to Watch in 2019

How 2019 is likely to be, in terms of ongoing conflicts and peace processes in South Asia? Will the region be peaceful in 2019 when compared to 2018?
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September 2018 | Analysis

Building Peace Momentum in J&K

The earlier approaches of “resolve Kashmir”, leading to a top-down political process have not succeeded. Let India and Pakistan reverse the approach – stabilize the LoC and build a peace momentum through plucking low hanging LoC fruits – leading towards resolving complex issues in J&K subsequently.

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Peace Alert
November 2017 | Analysis

Towards an Inclusive Kashmir Dialogue

Let the dialogue be inclusive – of the regions as well. Let the focus be not only on Kashmir valley. Though a section in Valley would want the dialogue be only with Kashmir, the issue is not that easy equation. Both Jammu and Ladakh have long viewed New Delhi as listening only Srinagar, and in the process got alienated from the Valley. Today, substantial part of the problem within Valley stems from its disconnect with other two regions within J&K. This can be addressed only by talking to all three regions and even beyond; there are sub-regions even within these three regions today, with their own political outlook.

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July 2017 | Analysis

Pashtunwali, Kashmiriyat and Sufi: Are our Social Codes under Stress?

 Our social codes have protected us so far, and have made us unique. It is our turn to secure them and ensure, it continues to keep our future generations sound, social and humane. We need to invest our time and our intellect to analyse what is happening around. We also need to forecast, where we are heading towards. If we realise, our present is going to impinge on our future, then we have to make cold calculations and ask tough questions. read more
April 2017 | Comment

Cross-LoC Interactions: Low Hanging Kashmir Fruit

In the Indo-Pak context, are are there “big ticket items”, which could change the current cyclic pattern between India and Pakistan? Alternatively, are there low hanging fruits? This commentary looks into Cross-LoC interactions as a low hanging J&K fruit. read more